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In the summer of 2021 when our Father was hospitalized, his Physician made it clear he needed a guardian appointed, as he could no longer care for his own safety in anyway.

We knew we needed an attorney to file for guardianship. After talking with a close family friend, Attorney John M Rogers was recommended.  We had a meeting with Attorney Rogers. He explained what was involved with probate court proceedings in detail and accepted the case.

From the very beginning Attorney Rogers has advised us and answered every concern that we have had for our Father. He has filed all of the required court papers and documents. Anytime we had a question and we called him, he returned our call the same day. From time to time, when emotions and challenges appeared, his compassion for disabled and elderly care was a blessing for our Father and family. He has never failed to ask how our Father as well as ourselves are doing.

We highly recommend Attorney John M Rogers. We trust him as he has continued to be there for our Father and family during this journey.

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